Citroen Limo to Cruise Through Brighton

A luxury car or limousine is not only about the comfort, space and extras afforded the passengers, but also whether the vehicle is functional for a chauffeur. The chauffeur is the one who needs to know the car best and feel comfortable with all of its operations to ensure a smooth ride and a hassle free trip.

Citroen have recently begun tailoring to this sector of the luxury car market and have released a new luxury vehicle which will appeal to chauffeurs in the industry. Chauffeurs looking for a quality, comfortable and reliable limousine to base their business on have previously been restricted to German luxury limousines but the choices are beginning to increase.

Chauffeurs also work in a very competitive field and they are always looking for ways to outdo and outshine their competitors and the current chauffeur focussed limousines on the market are all very much the same.

This is why the new Citroen limousine was built with luxury, style and innovation in mind to appeal to those chauffeurs looking to stand out from their competitors. The Citroen C6 has all of the style, and more, of the traditional limousine manufacturers but it does it with character.

The exterior of the C6 limousine is big and bold but with graceful lines which are instantly recognisable as belonging to the Citroen family which is already known for its large and luxurious French designs.

The interior has a minimalist design of pure, clean lines, incorporating the deep and simple dashboard to provide a feeling of space and sophistication. It is of course the little extras which make the truly great limousines stand out from the rest and Citroen has incorporated many inspired features for the pleasure of the chauffeur and passenger. For example, the interior trim is finished with real wood, the arm rests are subtly illuminated with fibre optic lighting and the quality workmanship can be observed in every niche of the limousine.

However, one of the most important features of any limousine is the amount of usable cabin space and the Citroen has one of the longest wheelbases in its class and is able to convert that length into ergonomic and comfortable riding room. The smoothness of the ride is also enhanced by Citroen's own self-levelling suspension system which constantly adapts to the conditions of the road without reducing any road-holding capabilities.

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